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= Misi Profetik: PETRA – YORDANIA - 1 =

Petra: (Greek = πέτρα means the " big reef" and represent the symbol of protection) is an archaeology sites in Jordan, which on date of 07-07-07 (7 July 2007) have been specified as one of the new 7 miracles in the world. Petra is a town in Jordan founded with chiseling wall petrify. Petra comes from Greek word meaning ' stone'. Initially, Petra was a capital of the Kingdom of Nabatean and founded in 9 BC - 40 C by King of Aretas IV as a strong protection town. Here also, is a Roman theater with capacities of 4.000 people and mausoleums of Hellenis. Petra early was a pagan town with the special god of Dushara, which is in the form of black stone, also god of Allat or Allah (ancient Arab god). Initially, Petra was built for the purpose of defender. Latter, this town was filled with thousands of citizens so it developed into the commerce town because located in the band of commodity distribution between Europe and Mid-East, until the Roman military occupied it in the year 106 C. Around 700 C Petra fallen into pieces and forgotten by people. Area of Petra is the highest region (1350 meters) in all desert fields of Jordan and known as Mount of Aaron or Mount Hor, a place where Aaron died and buried by Moses. In 1 BC, rich and strong Kingdom of Nabataean, reached the region of Damascus in the north and Dead Sea in the south. At that moment, Petra has been inhabited by around 30 thousand residents. In that period, a glorious temple was built. Architecture in Petra was influenced by the architecture of Roman. At 60 C, in Petra a church was built and destroyed by the Moslem's occupation in 7 C. After the Crusader in 11-12 C, Petra once became the "lost city" for more than 500 years until in year 1812, Johann Burckhardt (Swiss) began to repair the archeology sites.

The position of Petra is very supporting to the prophecy in Holy Bible about Israelite's evacuation at the period of Mid Tribulation. There is no location that can provide the place for the remains of Israelites who break away from the Antichrist military pursuit, except for the 5000 caves petrified in Petra. According to research, this place is representing the single location made in nature which ready to prevent every biological and also nuclear attack. Some fairish giant caves known to reside far in the subsurface, and have the appropriate temperature to conserve the food-stuff. Prophetically, this location is a strong protection town for Israelites for 1260 days (Revelation 12).

In that prophetic framework, the prophetic action of The Covenant Holders was conducted. The target is to open and to pave the road for the Israelites to escape. God's command in Matthew 24:20 is addressed to the church of God (because it's expressed in New Testament, meaning the church received a determinant rights to specify the time of Israelites escapee through prayer and prophetic action, so that event will not happen on the winter or on Sabbath Israel (because we know how's the condition in desert field in winter (temperature in Petra is around 0 degree Celsius in the night), and how's the condition of Israel in a state of "Sabbath"). (rp)


1. Foreword.
2. Hermon 1.
3. Hermon 2.
4. Ben Hinnom 1.
5. Ben Hinnom 2.
6. Taman Getsemani 1.
7. Taman Getsemani 2.
8. Petra, Yordania 1.
9. Petra, Yordania 2.
10. Golden Gate 1.
11. Golden Gate 2.
12. Bethesda 1.
13. Bethesda 2.
14. Nimrod 1.
15. Nimrod 2.



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