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= Prophetic Mission: THE GOLDEN GATE, Jerusalem - 1 =

Pintu gerbang utama bagi bangsa-bangsa:
Pintu gerbang YEHUDA

The Golden Gate has a very high prophetic value. Located on east side of Temple Mount and facing straight to The Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives. After the era of Ezekiel, this gate was under the authority of the tribe of Judah. Yeshua Hamasiah was from the tribe of Judah (Lion from Judah), and He had opened this gate as the only way in for the nations (the gentiles) to enter into His salvation. In times where all the Holy Temples were still existed, people who were not member of the tribes of Israel could only enter into the Holy Temple's area through this gate as the only way in. Another eleven gates were only for the other 11 tribes of Israel, and closed for the gentiles. This portraits us of how the salvation for the nations is only through Yeshua Hamasiah. The knowledge of The Center of the Earth and 12 Areas of Nations will open our concept of how important this gate is prophetically, especially in area where the gate of downstream (hilir) is (SM: Law of the City). The whole movement of Elohim's salvation began in this point, The Golden Gate, and ended in The Bethany Gate, the last place of Yeshua Hamasiah's ministry where He raised Lazarus, during the period of New Testament (2000 years era of grace). From gate of Alpha (The Golden Gate) to the gate of Omega (The Bethany Gate), Israel (Lazarus) will arise. From year to year prophetic action was performed over this location, Spirit of Prophecy must be declared, and faith must be born to fulfill the prophecy. On the second coming of Yeshua Hamasiah on Mount of Olives, the prophecy in Zachary 14 will fulfill, the Kidron Valley will closed and the Garden of Gethsemane will unite with The Golden Gate which will have opened physically (Zachary's Prophecy), then Yeshua Hamasiah who will have united with Shekinah Glory will enter to His Temple through The Golden Gate, to establish the Kingdom of a Thousand Year. Prophetic action has performed in 2002, 2004 (2 times), 2007 and will continue on. (rp)

Raising the Banner of Levy, releasing the Net of Tabor, and sealing the whole area of Golden Gate with the Seal of The Blood of Yeshua Hamasiah.

Moving in the formation of Priesthood in major warfare strategy. Entering the area of gate (by climbing the iron fence) through the Moslem Cemetery, to step down and overturn / to open the cover of gate by declaring the Spirit of Ezekiel's Prophecy.
The strategy of distraction was performed to avoid the suspicions, also to avoid the Israelite's security camera, considering this area is enlisted as the most sensitive area in the world.


1. Foreword.
2. Hermon 1.
3. Hermon 2.
4. Ben Hinnom 1.
5. Ben Hinnom 2.
6. Taman Getsemani 1.
7. Taman Getsemani 2.
8. Petra, Yordania 1.
9. Petra, Yordania 2.
10. Golden Gate 1.
11. Golden Gate 2.
12. Bethesda 1.
13. Bethesda 2.
14. Nimrod 1.
15. Nimrod 2.



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