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In these pages, Cherubims Prophetic Ministry narrated and at one blow explained various prophetic actions which have been conducted through presentation of pictures (photos), especially the prophetic action in Center of Earth, Israel. In general, its target is to open the new knowledge for God's church (especially the candidate of Covenant Holder) about what is the prophetic action and how to do it, and also what goals will be reached through that. Although there is no certain method in doing it but it is still in the principles of truth of Elohim. The equipment knowledge of Global Vision of Elohim which is learned in classes of Cherubims Discipleship is the base in conducting the prophetic action by Covenant Holders (bd. MS: The Law of Spirit; The Center of the Earth & 12 Region of Nations; The New Covenant 1 & 2; The Spirit of Prophecy; etc).

Presenting with picture / photo will explain more of what have been conducted as well as what will be conducted in the next Prophetic Mission. It is also important to know that many prophecies in Holy Bible not yet been happened and become the responsibility of The Covenant Holders to give birth of faith for the prophecy which is "inherited". The main principle of prophetic action is faith, and there will be no faith until there is knowledge (faith is understand what is believed). The trip of Cherubims to the Center of Earth always represent the trip of prophetic mission (not tour or become tourist), which always limit the participator who may join in. Smaller the group means more effective to progressively make a move caused by the union of faith, one thought, and one heart. It will also minimize the risk and gap that can be opened, because we are dealing with the Rulers, Powers, and Government of Kingdom of Devil in highest hierarchy that live in 33 degree north diagonal (MS: The Region of Nations).

Team Prophetic of Cherubims have cleared the way for the birth of The Covenant Holders in 12 Region of Nations, through the first prophetic mission in 2002 (at the end of "period of grace", MS: Earth Covenant; Law of Ground; Map o Epoch; etc). With struggle and connection, CherubimS could enter to certain location in Israel which at that moment was closed for public (military area) to conduct some prophetic actions under observation of 2 helicopters of combat (Cobra) Army Forces of Israel. Experience like this impossible to happened without God's interference directly by delivering the Commander of Army Kingdom of Elohim, Michael with millions of its team, who have showed themselves since early in Jordan. The vision of Michael on the top of the Mount Hermon was a great remarkable vision that is undeniable. Same thing happened in Ben-Hinnom, Jerusalem, where 7 angels of Elohim expressed themselves in vision. In the next prophetic mission, 2004 (the second journey of prophetic mission) signs like that followed His servants, The Covenant Holders, and also at prophetic mission 2007.

Through pictures of photograph in these pages, you will able to imagine the prophetic mission journey of The Covenant Holders. At least to remind that in the middle of condition of God's church who have lost focus these days, there still a small group of Congregation of First Born which still moving to give birth of faith through prophetic missions in the Center of Earth, moving and working to prepare the way for the second coming of Yeshua Hamasiah on this earth. There is no more time to relax and satisfy the individual desire with "trembling" or "collapsing" or speak "God's word, God's word". We have bolted to leave the "discussion of the elementary principles" and go on to "perfection". Expressed ourselves for the Kingdom of God and His Truth, and anything else will be added.

The Center of Earth is waiting for the highest "spiritual" Authority Holders to flatten the road, pulling down stronghold, and casting down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Elohim. The domination of the Center of Earth (gate of upstream) will give direct effect on gate of downstream of Regional of Nations (MS: Law of the Gateway). But only those who have knowledge are able to give birth of faith required by God, only those who have the Highest Authority capable to move and change the situation and condition as God expected in Global Vision of Elohim.

These pictures have been sealed by the Blood of Yeshua Hamasiah, not just an ordinary presentation, but it's an evidence of how God moved through all His servants, The Covenant Holders, to give birth of faith required by Him. (rp)

1. Foreword.
2. Hermon 1.
3. Hermon 2.
4. Ben Hinnom 1.
5. Ben Hinnom 2.
6. Taman Getsemani 1.
7. Taman Getsemani 2.
8. Petra, Yordania 1.
9. Petra, Yordania 2.
10. Golden Gate 1.
11. Golden Gate 2.
12. Bethesda 1.
13. Bethesda 2.
14. Nimrod 1.
15. Nimrod 2.



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