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Kami akan memuat artikel-artikel dari berita dan kejadian yang ada disekitar muka bumi sesuai dengan seputar "VISI GLOBAL ELOHIM" atau hal-hal / prinsip-prinsip ke-kristenan pada akhir zaman ini.
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Doomsday Vault in North Pole starts to function.
Doomsday Vault was built in the belly of mountain in Svalbard Islands, Norway.
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th 2008 | 21:17 WIB
A very strong building in North Pole was built to keep grains from all over the world, now officially functioned. This facility is called Doomsday Vault and built inside a frozen mountain in Svalbard Islands, Norway, 1.1000 km from North Pole.

It was named Doomsday Vault because it was meant to protect the nutfah plasma. If some huge catastrophe happen and destroy the source of food, those grains were hoped to save human race from famine.

"Svalbard Global Seed Vault is our policy of salvation. It's a 'Noah's Ark' to protect the variety of biologics for future generation," said Norwegian Prime Ministry Jens Stoltenberg, at the opening ceremony, Tuesday (26/2). The opening ceremony of this facility also was attended by the President of Europe Commission, Jose Manual Barroso, and Nobel Peace Prize 2004, Wangari Maathai, from Kenya.

The dome that lies in the belly of mountain in 127, 5 meter depth, will keep the stock of grains from hundreds of grains' bank from all over the world. The room inside can keep 4,5 million sample of grains.

Doomsday Vault was built on the initiative of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, the institution which funded by United Nation for Food Affairs or FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), and Biodiversity International based in Rome, Italy. The building was built in one year with the cost of 9,1 million US$. Doomsday Vault is one of the most fundamentally important resources for human life on earth. (AP/WAH)

The word of God says that "The Day of the Lord is near". We are now in the threshold of the coming of Yeshua Hamasiah. The world is conditioned into its destruction. The preparations are being perform, such as 'saving' the seeds of food plant for the coming great tribulation and catastrophe on earth, as prophesied in Matthew 24. United Nation was obligated to do that because they thought they knew and could predict the earth future accurately. What they don't know that the Great Tribulation is the judgment of God upon earth that will end up with the coming of Yeshua Hamasiah to earth to establish the Kingdom of a Thousand Years. No matter what man do, his dominion has finished, no more role of man to call forth the earth at that time. Yeshua Hamasiah will be the King of all kings and become a source of life on earth. Those who live righteously will get a guarantee for their life in The Kingdom of a Thousand Years; they are those who will have transformed into the body of Glory.

However, the world reaction to build "Doomsday Vault" to anticipate the great tribulation and catastrophe should become a sign, that the word of God about 'the coming of perilous days' is something without doubt. The world act to respond it because they believe it. How about the church of God? Have you prepared yourself by live righteously in Yeshua Hamasiah?

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.
(2 Timothy 3:1)

These coming days will not get better for the world, but it's getting worst and worst. But for the church of God, the protection and the conservancy of the Lord will be revealed. The resurrection of The Covenant Holders is the guarantee for the existence of "Elohim's atmosphere" in the midst of God's church. Be ready…! (rp)

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