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The long hostility between Israel and Syria have taken place since The War of 1967, when Israel succeed to grab the Golan Heights, then continued with the involvement of both sides in War of Lebanon in year 1982-1983. This hostility has happened for three decades in the final of 20th century and still continues until now. But the situation is rather changed when Israel reached a peaceful agreement with the Palestinian, marked with the Agreement of Madrid, Oslo I and II, and also various relevant agreements, where Israel felt that it was about time to negotiate, so also Syria.

Negotiations that happened later in reality are tough and complicated, because of the view difference which during time become a point of conflict between the two states, which also become the conflict between Arab nations and Israel. Syria, under the leadership of Hafez al Assad (rip) opposed every efforts of Israel to continually confirm its occupying over The Golan Heights. A long heights alongside the Lake Galilee up to north of Israel on the height of Mount Hermon (2.814 meters) culminating snow of 1,5 meters, where Israel with its 20.000 troops can easily watch their enemy and also can observe the biggest water source that flows into the Lake of Galilee. For the interest of Syria, the Golan Heights is everything.

This height is a strategic prop and from here Damascus can easily repulse Israel or even prepare a mass incursion to Israel. By overbearing the cold Golan, also mean providing a water source for Valley of Becca. Valley of Becca and Golan is commensurable line, center of military and also center of agriculture and cultural of Syria. Golan is prestiges that Damascus must always hold tight. In a period of three decades, that 10 miles area was controlled by Israel, even have been packed into geography map of Great Israel.

This moment, Syria have to defray 30.000 troops which concentrated near Golan and South of Lebanon which is gristle because Israel built the demilitarization zone and often fight with guerrilla Hezbollah. Syria demanded the return of Golan unconditionally. On the contrary, Israel demanded Damascus to discontinue the support to guerrilla Hezbollah who is every time shoots off the shellfire Katyusha from South of Lebanon.

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